Lizzy Caston (born 1969), Cleveland Ohio (although I’ve lived many places), world traveler, single. I’ve worked in the coffee industry since I was 16 when I was a barista way back in 1986. It seemed like a fun job, I love coffee, and the cafe was a 6 minute walk from home so my parents approved.

How do you take your coffee?

Cappuccino, Cortado, drip, pour over, or French Press. Vietnamese sometimes too, and Louisiana style blended with Chicory.

How many coffee cups do you drink on an average day?


Do you have an espresso machine at home and if so, what model?

No. I leave that to professional baristas in good cafes.

What is your favorite coffee bean blend?

I’m more of a Single Origin type of person.

Do you enjoy having your coffee with pastry alongside, and if so, what is it?

Rarely, but when I do it’s an Almond or chocolate Croissant .

What was the most unusual or experimental coffee you tasted?

Cafe Trung in Hanoi Vietnam: it’s a cafe at lait with sweetened condensed milk and a beaten egg. It’s like warm coffee melted ice cream.

What is your favorite coffee shop and what makes it enjoyable?

Red E Cafe in Portland, Oregon. Masters roasters, super fresh, perfection w/ drinks, chill atmosphere.

From your experience, what is the most important factor when it comes to making good coffee?

Oh man, there’s not one thing. It’s a combination of things that equals good coffee: quality beans, the right roasting & blending, good working equipment, well trained & happy staff, and little details such as nice serve ware, pleasant lighting & atmosphere.

From your experience, what are the most common mistakes people make regarding making/drinking coffee?

Beans roasted too dark to the point of burn, or underoasted. Bad espresso pours. Milk temps too hot or cold, snotty service.

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